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This is a stunt that is all about precision and timing as the entire flight will only last 50 seconds, in which time Gary has to slow his vertical speed to less than 15mph using only the air resistance generated by his wingsuit. The stunt is sponsored by cartier replicas watches, a brand that understands the necessities of accuracy and precision particularly when it comes to aviation.

The skill involved in a stunt like this is incredible when it comes to the accuracy with which he has to fly his replica watches According to Gary Everything to do with the jump is about precision and timing making cartier replicas an ideal sponsor for such an event. Gary is equipped with an emergency parachute just in case anything goes wrong and he is overjoyed to have the opportunity to attempt this record breaking stunt.

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Rose gold cartier replicas watch dealer malaysia

Professional stuntman, Gary Connery, is going to be embarking on a stunt that has never been tried before; he will be jumping from a height of 730m without using a parachute. He will be utilising a specially designed paybestwatch to slow his rate of fall and will be landing in a strip of 18,600 cardboard boxes to soften his landing.

With the amount of preparation that has gone into calculating a safe jump, the conditions on the day of the event have to be perfect. We need a cartier replicas, sunny day with zero wind to stop the cardboard boxes blowing away explained Gary in a fairly nonchalant way considering the boxes make up his landing strip.

Gary expressed some trepidation in the lead up to the cartier replicas claiming that it is this fear that keeps him safe because “you look out for all eventualities and deal with them before they arrive. Despite this trepidation, he is certainly experienced enough for the task, with 18 years of experience in base jumping and skydiving; he has completed over 880 skydives and 450 base jumps in that time.

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